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Game Developer License

All of our custom figures, and sets are available for use under a Game Developer License. With this license, you can use our 3D content in your game, and redistribute the content royalty-free. 

Please note that some of our products (like our various Genesis characters) are designed as add-ons to DAZ 3D content. These products will also require an additional Game Developer License from DAZ 3D. More about this license can be seen here:


Content in the developer store is available for licencing in games at slightly higher prices than the conventional 3D store. For products also sold in the DAZ Store customers will need to do extra work in order to make them game ready. This may include decimation, triangulation, culling, texture work, and rigging. DAZ 3D have tools available to automate this process, and make the process easier. Available separately or in the Game Developer KitDecimator for DAZ Studio allows users to reduce the number of polygons in any given model or combination of models. Texture Atlas for DAZ Studio allows users to combine textures into a single texture atlas image and scale the image down to a size that can be easily incorporated into popular game engines.


Developer licenses are available as "Single-use" and "Multiple-use". If you are planning to use the model or content in only one project or game you can purchase the "Single-use" license. If you are planning to use the model in two or more projects purchase the Multiple-use license. 


You can purchase single and multiple game developer licenses for any of our custom content directly from us using paypal.


Developer content is still under our original Terms of Use. Please refer to the Game Developer section on our Frequently Asked Questions page for more specific questions.


Please note: Even if you have purchased a Game Developer License, you may not convert the format of any of our products and resell, redistribute the resulting file (even if you have a developer license) without our explicit permission. This includes rerigging the model for use in other software packages.


As a basic cost guideline, the developer license pricing is worked out as follows:



Single-Use Game Developer License

Store Product Price (excluding any sale price) x 2.75*


Multiple-Use Game Developer License

Store Product Price (excluding any sale price) x 5*


*Minimum price for Single-Use license is $50 per product.

*Minimum price for Multiple-Use license is $80 per product.



Please note - any of our free download products also require licenses. They are priced as follows:


Single-Use Game Developer License (for each Free Item)



Multiple-Use Game Developer License (for each Free Item)



Payment for Game Developer Licenses can be made by PayPal. We will supply an address to use with the quotation.


Please feel free to contact us for a specific quotation on any game license.

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