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End User License Agreement

Our standard end user licenses agreement included with all our products is as follows:

What you may do


You may use any 3D Universe product (commercial or free) in any 2D render. You may also redistribute these graphic files for free or commercially royalty free. 

A 2D render is defined as a pre-rendered image or video.


Examples of use for our products that are allowed under the standard end user license include (but are not limited to):

  • Printing on clothing, coffee mugs, mouse pads, etc.

  • Printing and distributing greeting cards, etc.

  • Use of pre-rendered* 2D "sprites" in games. 

  • Rendering and sharing videos on video sharing services like YouTube, etc.

  • Illustrations in books, etc.

You do not need to credit 3D Universe for any 2D (still or video) content that you create with our products.


What you may not do


Unless you have purchased a game developer licence for the specific content, you may not redistribute any part of the original product (3D files, textures, etc.) in any way. This includes sharing of the original files using peer-to-peer software or listing it to download sharing sites. Piracy is viewed as a serious offence and we will pursue legal action against anyone who steals our content.


You may not convert the format of any of our products and resell, redistribute the resulting file (even if you have a developer license), or include the content in a game engine without our explicit permission.


You may not download 3D Universe products from anywhere other than this site and our official stores. Any other download location is considered a breech of copyright and should be reported to us.


* Real-time rendered 3d content would require the purchase of a game developer licence.

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