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Message-Shirt-Magic Now Available!

Message-Shirt-Magic is a revolutionary product that allows you to create your own custom message textures on the included dForce clothing.

Message-Shirt-Magic uses plugins which each include a different styled dForce clothing item. Additional plugins purchased will appear automatically in the interface. The interface is intelligent enough to automatically find Message-

Shirt-Magic compatible items in your scene to make it easy to customize different clothing items.

Using the simple interface, you can change text, font, colors, size, formatting, etc. all while seeing a real-time preview of the final texture result. Presets that you like can be saved for later use right in the interface.

Message-Shirt-Magic can also accept ASCII art and monochrome Unicode Symbols, so you can use any of the online generators and simple copy and paste the text into the Message-Shirt-Magic interface!

Final textures can be created in various texture sizes 1024x1024 up to 4096x4096 so you can decide the detail level required. The generated textures also include material grain and stitching. For ease of use, we generate a unique name for the texture files, although you can turn off this option and select your own naming convention.Message-Shirt-Magic textures are compatible with both the Iray and 3Delight render engines as they are basic diffuse maps and don't require any advanced shaders.

Additionally, you can apply the generated texture to only certain parts of the shirt enabling you to get multi-colored clothing designs.

Feeling uncreative? Use the more than 50 included inspiration presets, and the color randomizing functions to come up with a fun design in seconds.

Don't like the result you got? Message-Shirt-Magic automatically remembers the last preset setting you used on each clothing type, so you can easily make slight changes to you design without having to recreate it.

Feel free to share the *.MSM preset files that you create with friends so that they can also use your awesome clothing designs in their renders.

This base product includes the MSM T-Shirt plugin so you can get started right away creating clothing for your Genesis 8 Female figures.

Message-Shirt-Magic Plugins currently available are:

  • MSM T-Shirt Plugin (included in this product)

  • MSM Vest Plugin

  • MSM Camisole Plugin

  • MSM Tank-Top Plugin

  • MSM One-Piece Plugin

  • MSM Baseball Cap Plugin

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