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Toon Generations Strange Pack$19.95
Released: March 5, 2011

Toon Generations is a product set that can be used to create cartoon character of all different ages, sizes and genders.

This Add-on set includes several clothing, hair and props to create a host of strange characters like clowns, vampires, zombies and super heroes to add a bit of drama to you other toon's lives.

The included randomize pose for the Super Suit enables you to create unique Super Heroes (or villains) with ease.
Product Specifications
This product is compatible with the following software:
  • DAZ Studio 4.5 or later
  • Poser 9, Poser 2012 or later
Available Usage Licenses
Standard Usage License

Game Developer License
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View | FAQ
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  • Super-Hero Items
    • Conforming Cape (CR2/OBJ) - Includes movement morphs
    • Super-Conforming Mask (follows eye expressions) (CR2/OBJ)
    • Conforming Hero Boots (CR2/OBJ)
    • Conforming Super Suit (includes mask, suit, boots and cape) (CR2/OBJ)
    • Super Suit Randomizer (PZ2) - Randomizes suit colors/decal to create unique super-hero suit
  • Clown Items
    • Conforming Bobo the Clown Hair (CR2/OBJ)
    • Bobo the Clown Material/Morph Preset (PZ2)
    • Bobo the Clown Conforming Suit Preset (CR2)
    • Bobo the Clown Conforming Shoes Preset (CR2)

  • Zombie Items
    • Zombie Material Preset (PZ2)
    • Conforming Zombie Pants Preset (CR2)
    • Conforming Zombie Hair (CR2/OBJ)

  • Vampire Items
    • Conforming Vampire Cape Preset (CR2)
    • Conforming Vampire Suit Preset (CR2)
    • Vampire Material/Morph Preset (PZ2)
    • Conforming Vampire Shoes Preset (CR2)

  • Singer Items
    • Conforming Afro Jazz Hair (CR2/OBJ)
    • Conforming Elvis Impersonator Suit Preset (CR2)
    • Conforming Microphone (CR2/OBJ)
    • Stand-alone Microphone Prop (PP2/OBJ)

  • Conforming Top Hat (CR2/OBJ)
  • Stand-alone Top Hat Prop (PP2/OBJ)
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