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Toon Chicken$19.95
Released: May 22, 2008

Packed with the character and general wackyness you've come to expect from 3D Universe, this wonderful farmyard character is a perfect addition to your collection of toon animals. Toon Chicken is a fully poseable Poser/DAZ Studio character with expression morphs, bodyshaping morphs, textures and poses.
Product Specifications
This product is compatible with the following software:
  • DAZ Studio 4.5 or later
  • Poser 9, Poser 2012 or later
Available Usage Licenses
Standard Usage License

Game Developer License
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Keywords: Game Contentanimaltooncartoonchickenfarmroosterhenwingsfeathersbird
  • Fully Poseable Custom Rooster Figure
  • Fully Poseable Custom Hen Figure (based on Rooster)
  • Advanced Wing Design automatically moves infividual feathers for natural posing
  • Facial Morphs
    • Eye-BlinkL / Eye-BlinkR
    • Eye-WinceL / Eye-WinceR
    • Eye-WideL / Eye-WideR
    • Brow-UpDownL / Brow-UpDownR
    • Brow-WorriedL / Brow-WorriedR
    • Brow-AngryL / Brow-AngryR
    • Mouth-Speak
    • Mouth-Smile
    • Mouth-Frown
    • Mouth-OO
    • Mouth-Jowels
    • Tongue-BackUp
    • Tongue-TipUp
    • Tongue-Out
    • Tongue-SideSide
    • Tongue-Up
  • Head Styling Morphs
    • Crest-Size
    • Crest-Female
    • Lashes-Gone
    • Lashes-Size
    • Beak-Shape1
    • Beak-Shape2
    • Beak-Shape3
    • Beak-Shape4
    • Head-Plump
  • Body Shape and Pose Morphs
    • Full Body Morph - BigBooty
    • Full Body Morph - ToughGuy
    • Full Body Morph - Hen
    • Partial Body Morph - Chest-Female
    • Pose Morph - ScaleFeet
    • Pose Morph - WingsUp-Down
    • Pose Morph - LiftFoot (on Left and Right Foot)
    • Pose Morph - Grasp (on Left and Right Foot)
    • Pose Morph - BendIndex (on Left and Right Wing)
    • Pose Morph - BendMid (on Left and Right Wing)
    • Pose Morph - BendRing (on Left and Right Wing)
    • Pose Morph - BendPinky (on Left and Right Wing)
  • 2 Sets of Texture maps (Hen/Rooster) 2048x2048
  • MAT poses for DAZ Studio / Poser
  • Style Poses for DAZ Studio / Poser
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