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Sadie - Bundle Pack$35.95
Released: May 22, 2008

Everything you need to get started with Sadie. This bundle include Toon Girl Sadie and both Sadie Clothing Pack 1 and Sadie Clothing Pack 2 for a massive saving!
Product Specifications
This product is compatible with the following software:
  • DAZ Studio 4.5 or later
  • Poser 9, Poser 2012 or later
Available Usage Licenses
Standard Usage License

Game Developer License
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Keywords: humanoidtooncartoonsadiebundleclothingconforminggirlcuteyoung
  • Custom Toon Girl Sadie Character (CR2 and OBJ)
    • Built-in EyeTarget tool pose eyes easily
    • DAZ Studio Specific Items:
      • DAZ Studio shaders presets
      • Poses to hide/show Eye Target
    • 7 Figure Poses + 1 default pose
    • Poses to enable/disable Eye Target
    • Diffuse, Reflection and Opacity map Textures
    • EasyPose Hands
    • Eye/Brow Morphs: EyeBlinkL, EyeBlinkR, EyeWideL, EyeWideR, EyeWinceL, EyeWinceR, BrowUp-DownL, BrowUp-DownR, BrowWorriedL, BrowWorriedR, BrowAngryL, BrowAngryR
    • Mouth Morphs: MouthOpen, MouthUpDown, MouthSide-Side, MouthTwist, MouthSmileL, MouthSmileR, MouthOpenSmile, MouthGrin, MouthFrownL, MouthFrownR, MouthBareTeeth, MouthStretch, MouthPurse, LipsPucker, LipsOpenMiddle, LipLoBite, LipLoUp, LipLoDown, LipTopUp, LipTopDown, TeethFlat, TeethVampire
    • Tongue Morphs: TongueLift, TongueSideSide, TongueBend, TongueLength, TongueTwist, TongueBackup, TongueTipUp
    • Speech Morphs: Mouth-IY, Mouth-IH, Mouth-EH, Mouth-AE, Mouth-AA, Mouth-AW, Mouth-AY, Mouth-AH, Mouth-UH, Mouth-UW, Mouth-ER, Mouth-AX, Mouth-S, Mouth-SH, Mouth-F, Mouth-TH, Mouth-M, Mouth-N, Mouth-NG, Mouth-L, Mouth-R, Mouth-W, Mouth-B, Mouth-D, Mouth-G, Mouth-T, Mouth-K, Mouth-CH
    • Nose Morphs: NoseSize, NoseHeight, NoseButton
  • 3 Conforming Toon Hair Figures: Long Hair, Short Hair Style 1, Short Hair Style2
  • Conforming Clothing items (CR2 and OBJ) including textures
    • One-Piece Swimsuit
    • Buckle Shoes
    • Short Pants
    • Summer Dress
    • Cutoff-styled Vest
    • Normal Vest
    • Bikini Top
    • Bikini Bottom
    • T-Shirt
    • Long Pants
    • Open Sandals
    • Waist-Tied Shirt
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