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GRIMM The Toon Skeleton$19.95
Released: October 14, 2010

GRIMM is a stand-alone toon skeleton with lots of personality. With included fun poses and wacky expressions, GRIMM will make an excellent addition to your figures collection.
Product Specifications
This product is compatible with the following software:
  • DAZ Studio 4.5 or later
  • Poser 9, Poser 2012 or later
Available Usage Licenses
Standard Usage License

Game Developer License
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Keywords: Game Contenthumanoidtooncartoongrimmdeathscythereaperskeletonbonesguy
  • 1 GRIMM Skeleton Figure (.CR2 & .OBJ)
    • Expression Morphs
      • EyeSideSide, EyesUpDown
      • EyesClose, EyeCloseL, EyeCloseR
      • EyesBlink, EyeBlinkL, EyeBlinkR
      • EyesWince, EyeWinceL, EyeWinceR
      • EyesWide, EyeWideL, EyeWideR
      • EyesSize, EyeSizeL, EyeSizeR
      • BrowsUpDown, BrowUpDownL, BrowUpDownR
      • BrowsAngry, BrowAngryL, BrowAngryR
      • BrowsSad, BrowSadL, BrowSadR
      • BrowsWorried, BrowWorriedL, BrowWorriedR
      • BrowsDubious, BrowDubiousL, BrowDubiousR
      • MouthOpen
    • Character Morphs
      • JawPointy, JawSquare, JawSize, JawLonger
      • EyesSquare, EyesHeart
      • HeadSquare, HeadHeart
      • BrowHeavy, SharpCheekBones, HeadNeanderthal
      • TeethVampire, TeethMissing
    • Body Pose Morphs
      • BodyBend
      • TorsoTwist
      • BendLegs
      • SpreadLegs
      • TwistLegs
      • ArmsDown
      • ArmsTwist
      • HandsFist
  • 1 Cloak Figure (.CR2 & .OBJ)
    • BottomFwdBack 
    • BottomSideSide
    • BottomFlare 
    • Cloak-SashBlow1, Cloak-SashBlow2, Cloak-SashBlow3, Cloak-SashBlow4 
    • HipThickness, HipWidth 
    • HoodLift, HoodLiftL, HoodLiftR 
    • HoodOutL, HoodOutR 
    • lShinBend 
    • lThighBendBack, lThighBendFwd, lThighSide, lThighTwist 
    • rShinBend 
    • rThighBendBack, rThighBendFwd, rThighSide, rThighTwist 
  • 1 Scythe Prop (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • 12 Pose Presets (.PZ2)
    • 1 ZERO Pose
    • 1 Legs ZERO Pose
    • 10 Poses
  • Textures Include:
    • 1 ea Cloak Texture and Specular Map (2048x2048)
    • 3 Misc Reflection Maps (Various Sizes)
  • Auto-loading materials load correct material setting for both Poser and DAZ Studio
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