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Toon Chicken (3 matches in product)
Packed with the character and general wackyness you've come to expect from 3D Universe, this wonderful farmyard character is a perfect addition to your collection of toon animals. […]

Toon Transport - Delivery (1 match in product)
This is a fully featured Mimic-compatible poseable toon car figure![…]

Toon Transport - Utility (1 match in product)
This is a fully featured Mimic-compatible poseable toon pickup figure![…]

ToonMobile - Elegance! (1 match in product)
These add-ons upgrade the ToonMobile to a new level of style. […]

The Heavies 2 (1 match in product)
Just when you thought things couldn't get more crowded with oversized animal - we are proud to present the second wackiest couple to grace Poserland! […]

Toon Transport - Cars (1 match in product)
This is a fully featured Mimic-compatible poseable toon car figure![…]

Toon Squirrel UV Update (1 match in product)
This update for Toon Squirrel fixes the couple of polygons on the right neck area that were assigned to the wong material group. […]

PoseRepair (1 match in product)
Ever saved the perfect pose only to find that it included unwanted morph setting, scaling, or eye translations?Ever used a custom morphed figure with repositioned eyes to create a pose, and got eye-popping results when using the pose on another figure?Well, PoseRepair can fix all of that in a simple drag-and-drop operation. […]

Skye (1 match in product)
Introducing the latest fun toon figure from 3D Universe!Skye is a fully custom figure built on the features that made Skye great. […]

Watertube (1 match in product)
A blow-up water tube for when your digital cartoon figures need to cool off! […]

Emotiguy (buyout) (1 match in product)
Client: Daz3D [www. […]

The Heavies 3 (1 match in product)
Everyone needs a doctor every now and then, and the Heavies are no exception - presenting the Wacky World version of ER. […]

Sal A. Manda (1 match in product)
Every world has a bad element, and Wacky World is no different! […]

Toon Vulture (1 match in product)
The perfect super-villian of the animal world, this large bird-of-prey will add the perfect menacing touch to your toon renders! […]

TC2 Second Life Avatar Plugin (1 match in product)
Ever wanted to use one of your favorite Poser textures in the Second Life world? […]

Monkey Business (1 match in product)
Deep in the tropical forest, they call to each other. […]

News Articles

Using Subdivision to Smooth off a Figure (3 matches in article)
Posted: January 9, 2013
Some of the newer figures these days make use of a feature called "subdivision" in DAZ Studio. […]

Welcome to the New 3D Universe Site (2 matches in article)
Posted: November 25, 2012
We've been working very hard on getting a brand new website up and running. […]

Modeling a Cloak in LightWave (2 matches in article)
Posted: November 8, 2012
I'm going to be modeling a long cloak for a future character, so I figured I'd share the process here for those of you that are interested. […]

Modeling a Toon Rabbit in LightWave (Part 3) (2 matches in article)
Posted: March 12, 2012
In Part 3 of this article series, I will be modeling the inner mouth of a cartoon rabbit in LightWave. […]

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