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3DUniverse was founded in 2001 to create high-class 3D models for the 3D community. With many models to purchase and download, we have become a well-respected source of top-quality models on the web.

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Here's some great use of Toon Generations figure by Olivier Rommé. Thanks for sharing Olivier!

Done something worth sharing? Let us know via our contact us page...


We'd like to wish all our customers and fans a wonderful and exciting 2014 and thank you for your support in 2013. We've been rather quiet lately due to a number of factors, but hope to bring you some fun new products in the near future...


Unfortunately our web host suffered a massive DOS (Denial of Service) attack over the last few days. This resulted in our website being offline for a while.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Jaycee is a cute character set for Teen Josie 6 that includes new textures, hair, clothing and a tweaked face.

Giving you many different options from dressed up to casual, the included clothing items suit the cute lady perfectly. The hair is designed to top off her fun-loving, carefree character.


3D Universe, renowned for their fun toon characters and animals, present a fun addition to your toon gardens. This adorable character makes the most of DAZ Studio's weight-mapping and sub-division to provide a figure that's light on resources, yet high on usability. 

 With built in partial and full pose dials, getting the most out of this character is a breeze.
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