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To All Our Customers
December 24, 2012


We'd like to thank all our clients for your wonderful support during 2012. 

We will be taking a bit of a break until January 2013, but will still try to respond to any messages sent to us. We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration wherever you are in the world.

See you in 2013!
Unconfirmed Email Addresses
December 23, 2012


When registering on this site, an email is sent to the email address that you register with. This email contains a verification link that you can click to verify your account. We find a lot of people sign up, then don't verify their email. Without a verified account, you can do nothing on the site, so unverified accounts are basically a waste of database space.

To keep our site running smoothly, member accounts that don't have their email addresses verified within 30 days of being registered will now be automatically deleted.
3D Universe Christmas Sale
December 21, 2012


Just in time for that last minute Christmas shopping, our entire store* is on a massive 50% off sale! Don't delay, because these crazy prices won't last!

*This promotion excludes products released in the last 60 days.

Click through to our store here...
Getting down to Monkey Business!
December 13, 2012


One of the most often requested toon figures has always been a 3D Universe monkey, and we're pleased to share that one is on it's way!

This little guy is the first of several ape figures, and should be hitting our store in the near future. View the full article for some behind-the-scenes screen shots of the creative process behind this fellow:

- I added another render based on Wonga's suggestion! 
- And another one to show the pose-able banana :-) - Monkey Business is now available.

Crossdresser License for The Heavies
December 12, 2012

DAZ Studio

Community member MJ is rallying support for a Crossdresser License for our "The Heavies" range of characters.

CrossDresser is a one-click clothing conversion utility for Poser and DAZ Studio. It quickly converts clothing from one figure to another. The conversion process finishes in seconds and is completely automatic. 

If you would like to add support for The Heavies, click through to this post on the DAZ Forums for more information...
Old Forum Archive Now Available
December 9, 2012


Although we have removed the forum functionality from the site, we have put up a read-only, archived version of the old forum for a while.

This will only be available for a few months, and you are encouraged to use this time to access any content that was previously available on 3D Universe. The forum is read-only with guest access to all content, so you do not need to sign in, and no new registration, replies or posts will be accepted. 

You can access this archive here.
Texture Convertor Products Back in the Store
December 5, 2012

Texture Convertor

The Texture Convertor 2 products that went missing in our site update have now been added back into the store listing.

Thanks for those who spotted that they were missing.
Internet Explorer Issues [resolved]
November 30, 2012


We're aware that Internet Explorer is screwing up the sub-menus on the new site. We are investigating the issue, and suggest that for now - you use a decent CSS3 compliant browser (like the latest Firefox, Chrome or Safari) to navigate this site.

Update: This issue should now be resolved.
Gruggle Monk Available Now!
November 29, 2012

DAZ Studio

The "Gruggle Monk"! An adorable little creature that stands about half a meter high, and uses his abundant cuteness to make you do whatever he wants...

This little guy may look cute and all, but beware the power of those eyes!

Oh, and don't feed him bananas... ever. No, don't even think about it... we mean it...


Welcome to the New 3D Universe Site
November 25, 2012


We've been working very hard on getting a brand new website up and running.

After a lot of monitoring the way our site was being used, we have chosen to remove features that weren't being used (or were being misused), and we've streamlined various parts of the site to make it faster and easier for you to find the information you want quickly and with less searching.
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