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Welcome to the New 3D Universe Site
November 25, 2012
We've been working very hard on getting a brand new website up and running.

After a lot of monitoring the way our site was being used, we have chosen to remove features that weren't being used (or were being misused), and we've streamlined various parts of the site to make it faster and easier for you to find the information you want quickly and with less searching.

Here are some of the features of the new site:
  • It's now much easier to find information with the site wide search feature that searches articles, products, information pages and frequently asked questions..
  • We've improved the tagging of our products, so finding similar products is even easier.
  • We have a new contact us feature that will ensure that support questions don't get missed as they sometimes were when they were posted on the forum.
  • All articles are now archived, and can easily be retrieved using their tags, post date or the global site search feature. 
  • We've started a FAQ section to quickly find straight forward answers to questions about our products and services.
  • We have removed the forum functionality as it was a 3rd party solution that was very hard to keep up to date. We also found that the relatively low traffic it got didn't justify the time needed to maintain it.
  • Site will work well on smaller screen devices (like tablets).
  • We now use infinite scrolling on pages that list many items (like the store, articles and search results). By simply scrolling down to the bottom of the page, the next matching results are automatically added to the page. This means you don't have to keep clicking next/previous buttons, and you won't forget which page a particular item was on.

Why we decided to remove the forum.

We realize that the removal of the forum may frustrate some regulars, but we found it was becoming a constant area of attempted hacking and spamming. Being a third party solution, it was difficult to fully integrate into our site as customizing it caused issues when upgrading to newer versions. By removing the forums, we can use the time wasted each day, removing spam and locking spammer accounts, on making great products. We would encourage you to use our Facebook page to share renders and feedback, and you can use the contact us feature for any support queries. An archive of the original forum is available here.

Some of the site features, like downloads, still require you to have an account with us - but your login details have been moved over from the old site and will be the same, so you won't need to re-register or anything. We tried to keep all your avatars, but we're only using .jpg images for avatars now, so accounts with .gif images have no avatars.

Note: We are also wanting to start a "Customer Showcase" area where we showcase excellent use of our products. We'll be building this section up over time, and featuring the best-of-the-best.  If you'd like to be considered for this section, please use the contact us feature and specify "Customer Showcase" as the contact purpose.

All in all, the new site offers us a more streamlined way of communicating to our customers and fans, and we hope you like it. Feel free to give your feedback in the comment section below.

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That would be appreciated. :) I believe most forum systems have a switch to go into a static/guest only mode, but it may be more complicated with one that was integrated into another site as yours was. (Let's see if line break code works...) On the plus side, the new layout is a handsome one. Nice pleasant color scheme.

Bit disappointed, but having had my own forum for a while, even though much less used than 3DU's, I understand the problems and with a bigger forum come bigger problems. Without being able to have staff dedicated to servicing the forum, I'm sure it was a significant distraction. Little curiosity though, might the old posts be available in the future as a browse-only archive? There was some good info in there. My internet's been out for over a week and part of why I ask is I got several post update e-mails on the 27th and I'm curious as to what they were about. (Making of: Toon Hair thread.) As for future communication, seeing as 3DU products are sold at DAZ, there's a forum there, folks. :) Most people reading this probably already have an account there.

I must say that I do not consider F*cebook to be a good substitute for an actual forum. I am one of the many who object to that site on principle, and really prefer to have some other option.

Site looks great. Well done. :)

I really like the new design. Very bright and cheerful. On the practical side, it's easy to find things.

Congratulations for the new look! :) It looks more like a blog now, but it's very nice and well organised.

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