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TC2 Kids 4 Plugin Available Now!
April 22, 2010
DAZ Studio
TC2 Plug-ins add the ability to convert to and from an additional model type to the Texture Convertor 2 (TC2) application.

This particular human figure plug-in adds the ability to convert to and from Daz 3D's Kids 4 figures. Conversions can be made in either direction between this and any other purchased human figure TC2 plugin.

This product is not available for the MAC OS. When installing this plug-in, be sure to select the same install directory that the main application is installed in.
The conversion options depend on what plugins you have installed - TC2 will only convert to and from a figure plugin that you have installed. For more information please visit TextureConvertor.com.

Disclaimer: TC2 uses various methods to stretch and morph the original textures to fit a target figure. Due to differences in some figures, this will result in texture stretching and seams not matching 100%. Although these slight imperfections are normally not even noticeable on normal skin textures, textures featuring tattoos or detailing over seams will give unpredictable results.

Note: This news item was automatically posted on the product's release. To see more details and images, click through for the store page

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