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PoseRepair Available Now!
June 15, 2007
DAZ Studio
Ever saved the perfect pose only to find that it included unwanted morph setting, scaling, or eye translations?

Ever used a custom morphed figure with repositioned eyes to create a pose, and got eye-popping results when using the pose on another figure?

Well, PoseRepair can fix all of that in a simple drag-and-drop operation...
PoseRepair is designed to strip unwanted items from various Poser files. The operation is simple. Check the items you'd like to remove and using Windows Explorer (or another file manager), simply drag the file or files onto the application drop box. Using this drag feature means you can fix any number of files at once by simply selecting them all before dragging them onto the PoseRepair application.

One excellent example would be if you saved many poses for your figure, but they include morph dial settings. By checking the 'Remove ALL Morph Dials' option and running the files through this application, the resulting poses will not have a morph dial setting.

PoseRepair also makes a backup of the original files (named *.bak) in case you decide to revert to the original version of the pose.

PoseRepair is a stand-alone PC Utility able to strip down the following pose file types:
  • *.pz2 - figure pose

  • *.hd2 - hand pose

  • *.fc2 - face pose

  • NOTE: Windows only product !

    Note: This news item was automatically posted on the product's release. To see more details and images, click through for the store page

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