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Modeling for Specific Genesis Shapes
March 12, 2013
I had a discussion recently with someone regarding modeling clothes for a specific DAZ Genesis shape. They suggested that trying to model cute clothing for a specific Genesis morph was impractical due to the fact that the clothing item needs to fit a 6 foot male figure by default.I agree that trying to picture a clothing item on a specific shape while modeling it on a male shape is far from ideal - that's why I'm going to show you how to get around the issue. 

Note: This article presumes that you already know the basic steps to create a conforming clothing item in DAZ Studio.

In this method (one that I use all the time), I model the clothing item on the specific shape that it is intended for. In this example, I'm going to be showing a very simple top made for a current figure I am working on.

To start with - here is the very basic tube top shown on my character morph in Lightwave. As you can see, the top is very specifically designed for this shape, and fits beautifully.

In DAZ Studio, I load a Genesis figure and import my basic top. As you can see, the top doesn't fit the basic Genesis figure at all - big surprise there!

As usual when creating clothing in DAZ Studio, I load up the Transfer Utility tool and select Genesis as the source and my basic top as the Target.

This is where things are slightly different. In the "Item Shape" selector, I select the "Morph" option.

Doing this automatically brings up a list of morphs attached to the Genesis figure. From this list, I now select the morph shape that I designed my clothing for (in this case my 3D Universe Fairy shape).

The next step is vitally important. I open the "Show Options >>" section of the transfer tool and check the "Reverse Source Shape from Target" option. Basically what this option does is it uses the Genesis morph you selected in the previous step to reverse the clothing item's shape to get the basic Genesis shape out.

I click accept, and viola! We have our basic tube top on the Genesis basic shape!

If I now dial in my custom Genesis shape that I designed the clothing on, you can see that it still fits beautifully!*

*Note: You can opt to use the original model to replace the auto-generated custom morph as some detail might be lost in the automatic morph creation. To do this simply import the original model as a morph using the Morph Loader Pro tool. Open the options for the morph and in change the name to the internal name of the custom morph the clothing was modeled for. The name must be identical for this to work.
Finally, select "Deltas Only" in the "Overwrite Existing" option. This will replace the auto-generated morph with your original shape ensuring that the clothing is identical to your original design on the specific shape you created it for.


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Many thanks! Very nice tutorial!

Many thanks! Very nice tutorial!

Still learning and your tutorials are simple and to the point. And very much appreciated. :)

Thanks Steve!

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