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Modeling a Toon Rabbit in LightWave (Part 5)
March 12, 2012
In Part 5 of this article series, I will be modeling some accessories for a cartoon rabbit in LightWave. The video is basically a slideshow of the entire process.

Skill level: moderate
Time Taken: about 30 minutes

Here's a video slideshow of the process. For a detailed look at the process, see below...

And here's the steps we took to get to our final model...

Accessories Modeling
Time for some accessories and other details. First, I'm going to make some glasses from a simple cylinder...

By copying the center section and extruding both the edge and the center, I create the lens and frame...

A quick mirror and addition of the nose bridge...

I'm going to add an old style chain. I start with a hoop for the chain to hang on...

For the chain itself, I create a single link and duplicate it, rotating it 90 degrees...

A quick clone results in a nice chain...

To spruce up his waistcoat, I'm going to add a flower. A simple cube becomes the flower center...

I create one petal also starting with a cube...

A radial clone gives me the other petals...

A couple more cubes become buttons and a tie pin, and we're about done with modeling!

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