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Modeling a Toon Rabbit in LightWave (Part 3)
March 12, 2012
In Part 3 of this article series, I will be modeling the inner mouth of a cartoon rabbit in LightWave. The video is basically a slideshow of the entire process.

Skill level: moderate
Time Taken: about 30 minutes

Here's a video slideshow of the process. For a detailed look at the process, see below...

And here's the steps we took to get to our final model...

For the teeth, I start with a tube about the size and thickness of the teeth I plan to make...

Some deletes, and extrudes to create the horseshoe shape...

Each "tooth" is then extruded to make it stick out. I've also now mirrored the teeth to make the bottom set. For the rabbit, he has a serious overbite, so the lower teeth are smaller...

More adjustments, and the top teeth are altered to include the huge incisors made previously...

Now on to creating the inner mouth itself. This is hard to see in these images, but basically consists of extruding the lips inward to create the mouth cavity...

I slowly work my way towards the throat making sure that the teeth are nicely enclosed...

I complete the inner mouth by blending into a tube-like throat...

The tongue is made from another cube sliced and diced to create the shape I want...

I added a quick morph to check the mouth out when open - all looks great! And that's the inner mouth done...

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