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Modeling a Smart Shirt in LightWave
January 22, 2009
As you possible know, we're working on our "Gramps" character at the moment, and we figured we'd show you a behind the scenes as we create a conforming shirt item for him...

Skill level: moderate
Time Taken: 1.5 hours

We started with a humble cylinder:

... sized it to roughly fit Gramps proportions:

... we began shaping it to fit Gramps better, and adding detail:

...polygons are deleted to make armholes (we're now viewing the mesh in sub-division):

...we start pulling out to create the sleeves:

...the sleeves are sized to match Gramps' arms (we're also now working in a mirrored mode to automatically mirror the changes to his other arm):

... We now begin work creating the collar by extruding the neck polygons up:

...the collar is flipped to make the inside and adjusted to fit:

...more detailing goes in, including the overlap of the shirt front where the buttons will go:

...speaking of buttons - here's the modeled button (complete with thread):

...a whole lot of slicing, dicing and poly-pushing later, and we have a shirt!:

...a few extra details thrown in:

And thats about it for the modeling. Here's our final model rigged to fit our Gramps figure:

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