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Modeling a Shirt in LightWave
July 18, 2006
We decided to present a making of featurette based on a top we're creating for one of our figures. This is not a tutorial in any way, but rather a "behind-the-scenes" look at how we make a simple clothing item...

Skill level: advanced
Time Taken: about 2 hours

Firstly we have our figure that will be acting like a dummy for us to make the clothing on. You'll notice that we have the different group colors so we can keep in mind the grouping required to make it conform.

We start the sleeves with a simple shape (in this case a 6-sided cylinder).

We are using sub-division surfaces for this model, so we're working in a preview mode. We've now made a few cuts and bent the sleeve to match the arm better.

Another cylinder (this time 8-sided) will make the bases of the body...

After some creative slicing and dicing...

A couple of polygons deleted to make the arm holes and our sleeves are welded onto the body. We now have a good base to work from...

Some more creative slicing to create extra detail in various places...

Time to start on the details. A few extrudes and pulls rounds off our clothing edges nicely...

Details, details, details... we've now started to add folds and realign the mesh to follow the basic fold shapes (notice the twist on the arms?)...

OK, we now have a nicely detailed long shirt complete with folds.
Next up - we'll add some material seams...

With a little detailing, we've made a material seam on the upper arm...

To finish off our top, we spawn a new clothing item from the completed item...

Total Modeling time: 2 Hours

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