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Modeling a Low Polygon Building in LightWave
November 17, 2010
I decided to take screenshots while creating the Town Hall for our current Toonville project. This is not a tutorial, but rather a glimpse behind the process...

Skill level: advanced
Time Taken: about 3 hours

I start the process with a simple cube:

From there, I cut and extrude a section that will become the front part:

Another few cuts to create the apex. Also a new plane to form the main roof:

The front roof section is now added and the main roof is moved into place:

At this point, I made some changes to the mesh to allow the front roof to be lower than the main roof. I've also extruded and sized the roof to overlap the walls:

More detailing is added to the walls:

I am now starting to create the clock tower on the front of the building by using a simple cylinder:

Some creating cutting and sizing to create the ornate shape of the tower:

More detailing on the tower and I've assigned a few materials to better see how my model is looking. I've also added corner detail:

I am now starting to create the porch that will house the doorway:

Continuing work on the porch adding columns and side walls:

Onto the windows - here I've created a design for a single window:

...and a double window too:

Here are the windows in place and the finished porch area:

A couple more finishing touches and I've also added a pavement base:

I've now uv-mapped the building. It can take a lot of time to get a decent uv-map that used the maximum texture space. This one uses about 93% of the available texture space, which is pretty good:

Here is the building model with a test texture applied. This is done to test for stretched areas on the uv-map:

When texturing a static building, I normally include shadows in the texture. Here is the unrendered finished texture (after many hours of work):

And a beauty render of our final completed model:

That's it - I hope you enjoyed this glimpse behind the scenes here at 3D Universe...

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