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Making a Space Helmet in DAZ Studio
January 5, 2013
DAZ Studio
In this mini-tutorial, we're going to use our Monkey figure with his free Bodysuit, and create a Space Helmet for him using only DAZ Studio's primitives. No modeling experience is required.

Skill level: basic
Time Taken: about 20 minutes

OK, so I start by loading up our Monkey figure, and adding his free Bodysuit. Leave him in the default load position for now, as it makes adding stuff to him much easier.

To create the helmet, we're going to use DAZ primitives. These can be created from the menu "Create->New Primitive". We start with a Torus which is a doughnut shape. Here are the size setting I used:

By selecting the newly created torus, and opening the "Parameters" panel, we can move it into position around the Monkey's neck:

To create the dome around his head, I create another primitive, this time a sphere (ball). Here are the settings I used:

We move the sphere into the basic position (don't worry about the poke-through at this stage).


To make it easier to size the sphere correctly, I selected it and opened the surface panel. Setting the surface opacity setting to about 50% enables me to see the head through the sphere.

To join the two items together, we simply open the "Scene" panel, and drag the spree object onto the torus object. This make the sphere a child of the torus, and any scaling or movements applied to the parent torus object will also be applied to the sphere.

We now select the torus object, and X-Rotate it forward a bit so that the helmet better fits around the monkey's head.

Now, we'd like the helmet to stay on the monkey's head when we pose him, so on the "Scene" panel again, we simply drag the torus onto the monkey's head. This will make the torus a child of the monkey's head, and any movement or posing done to the monkey's head will be transferred to the helmet.

Finally, I added some surface setting to the torus and sphere to make them shiny and reflective. I also created a very basic oxygen tank by using two spheres and a cylinder for each tank. Using the parent child method explained above, I have the tank attached to the Monkey's back.

Here is my final render with a backdrop that I threw together quickly...


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Looks great and sooo simple. :) Thanks Steve.

Thanks again for the quickie tutorial; I added an old antenna I had gathering dust and gave it a quick test. I have to put some colour into the "gloves" and "boots", and work on the lighting, but so far the monkey and bodysuit are working perfectly.

Thanks again,
Walt Sterdan

Thank you very much for the tutorial. I'm going to give it a try.

Wow, thanks! I've been resizing existing space helmets (and running into minor problems with the shoulder parts) but this is perfect, and so simple. Off to build one now...

-- Walt Sterdan

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