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Making Of: Sitting Faerie Render
May 12, 2015
DAZ Studio
For those interested... here's some background info on the making of the last render we posted: 

The scene itself used DAZ 3D's Genesis 2 Female with our Skyler character (soon to be released). The polygon hair was made specifically for Skyler and will be included with the character package. The outfit was created by another 3d artist. 

The wings were made using simple geometry planes with dragonfly wing scans used to create the diffuse and opacity maps. We also used the opacity map we created to make the raised vein effect by applying it to the bump/displacement surface in the wing shader. 

The background is a simple photo taken in our office garden and blurred to watch the render camera's depth of field. We often use photos in the backdrop especially when using depth of field on the camera. 

For lighting, we used an HDR image and also a strong light source behind the figure to give the translucent look to the hair and skin. 

The simple sphere in her hands was also set to be a light emitter and create the strong light source that bathes her body in green light. 

The final render (3000w x 3900h pixels) took approximately 4 hours using DAZ Studio Iray render engine. In the posted render, we decided to crop the image slightly.

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I really loved this. Thank you for your tutorial but please if you can provide Iray light, used for the closeup face shot promo render.

Best Regards

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