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Creating Conforming Clothing Using Our Developer Packs
November 15, 2007
DAZ Studio
With some of our custom figures, we've also made available a "Development Pack". This mini-tutorial is designed to help you understand how to get the best out of this developer product.

Skill level: moderate
Time Taken: about 1 hour
The Developer Packs are designed to give you a head start on your way towards creating conforming clothing for relevant figure. They include redistributable OBJ files in different mesh resolutions, and redistributable pre-rigged character files (Poser CR2 format). With these files, you will be able to make conforming clothing far quicker that if you were starting from scratch.

For this article, I will be using the Sadie Developer pack, but the technique would be similar for all of our developer packs.

First, lets look at the redistributable wavefront OBJ files:

To cater to the different modeling styles, we've included a low resolution sub-divisable mesh, and a medium resolution mesh. Which one you use is totally up to you, and depends completely on your modeling preference.
The package also contains several Poser format character definitions files (CR2's). They are as follows:

You will notice that each thumbnail icon shows what body parts are included in that rigged character. You can use this to help you decide which cr2 file to use as you character. 
Although you could just use the Full Rig cr2 (which includes fingers, etc.), it is best to use the one that is a closest match to your clothing model (eg. pants, shirt, etc.)
OK, so let's go through the steps to create a conforming clothing item for Sadie. For this demo, I'm going to create a long-sleeved leotard...
For simplicities sake, I'm actually not even going to use a modeling program to create my derivative mesh - I'm just going to use UV Mapper to delete the polygons from the medium-resolution OBJ I don't want (in this case the legs).

There - a quick and dirty model. Make sure you don't save it over the original! I saved my new OBJ in the "Poser 6\Runtime\Geometries" folder as "SadieLeotard.obj".

Now to get it rigged...

I'm going to use the "DEV RIG (No Fingers).cr2" figure as it is the closest match to my leotard model. In a text editor I open the "DEV RIG (No Fingers).cr2" file - at the top of the file is the OBJ file reference:

Using the replace function, I simply replace:
...with the location of my new geometry file:
Note: The geometry location is referenced twice in the CR2 file, so make sure you update both references with your new geometry file.

I now save the updated cr2 file as "Leotard.cr2" in the "Poser 6\Runtime\Libraries\Character\3D Universe\Toon Girl Sadie" folder.

And that's it - I now have a (very basic) conforming Leotard for Sadie!

Obviously, this is only the basics. By adding more detail to the mesh to finish off the edges, you will end up with a far better looking clothing item.
You could also assign different material groups to make the clothing item even more useful!

Note: The included cr2 files are a template only. By editing the geometry, you may need to adjust the joint settings on the cr2 files to reduce any poke-through issues.
Here's a slightly modified version - I modeled ends on the sleeves, neck, etc. and added a few fold details. I also used a custom material to color the item.


So, let's sum up the steps required to make a conforming clothing item for Sadie:
  • Make relevant changes to the redistributable OBJ in your modeling application of choice. Keep the groups to reduce grouping issues later.
  • Save the new file in wavefront obj format somewhere in the Poser runtime path (geometries folder is the best).
  • Open the DEV RIG cr2 file that is the closest match to your clothing item.
  • Edit the obj file references to point to your new obj file and save a new .cr2 file in the "Poser/runtime/libraries/character" path.

We hope to see some fun new conforming clothing items for Sadie come out as a result of this development pack!

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